More than forty years of activity

and a  reliable know-how

Porbably this is the right definition to describe Brivio Pierino & C. and the long way accomplished by this firm during these past years. The firm started its activity in 1950 by overhauling tool machines; then it widened the activity to the field of carpentry and machanical processing and finally to the manufacture of trucks for the collection and compacting of drefuse.
At present, the factory extends on area of 55.000 square meters (20.000 square meters of this area are covered).
The firm is still involved in various sectors.

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A wide experience in the sector of

mechanical processing and carpentry

Modern machines such as boring and milling machines, automatic lathes, laser, plasma, oxygen lance cutting, robot for welding, are currently used in the factory. At present Brivio Pierino & C. is involved in the manufacture of particiular components of machines for industrial plants conceived for the production of corrugated cardboard, by-products in glass or plastic fibre and wood manufacture.

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On request, thanks to the experience acquired during the years, these parts can be assembled and finished by adding alectric or electronic components. Parallel to the mechanical sector, the firm is specialized in the production of parts and structures for electro-welded carpentery, marine platforms for drilling and research, mixer trucks, pumps for concrete and tracked machines for the perforation of tunnels, important components of nuclear reactors, parts for coal-fired power stations. The wide range of products also, includes frames for engines, trucks for the haulage for vessels up to 50 meters, barges for the transportation of sand on the Po river and plants for transportation and dosage of materials. These are only some of the most significant examples to show the ability, reliability and competence of Brivio Pierino & C., in carpentery, too. 

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